Story by Christopher Conover and Zac Ziegler

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A Maricopa County Superior Court judge is reversing a decision by the Arizona Department of Water Resources allowing a new housing development to break ground.

In his ruling, Judge Crane McClennan wrote that the state made a mistake when it said there is enough water in the San Pedro River watershed to support 7,000 new homes and offices proposed by Pueblo Del Sol Water Company.

Developer Castle and Cooke, which also owns Pueblo Del Sol, said there is enough water in the area to support the homes and offices for 100 years.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management disagreed, and filed the challenge to the Water Resources decision.

"There's no room for any further development until they provide some objective mitigation, this just confirms it," said Robin Silver, a plaintiff and co-founder of the Center for Biological Diversity.

Representatives from the Arizona Department of Water Resources were unavailable for comment.

A representative from Castle and Cooke would not comment any further than to say the company intends to appeal the decision.

Read the judge's decison on San Pedro River water: View at Google Docs | Download File