Over the last four years, the University of Arizona has averaged 1,229 transfer students annually from state community colleges.

But the Arizona Board of Regents is asking the university to make that number higher, so school officials are working to make it easier for students to move from some of those two-year schools to the UA.

“There’s a number of different institutional goals that each state university has been charged with meeting [by the regents]," said Rafael Meza, senior director for transfer enrollment services at the UA. "But specific to transfer recruitment and transfer enrollment, one of those goals is by 2020, we need to have 3,000 Arizona resident transfer students as part of that incoming class.”

To make transferring easier, the UA is increasing the agreements it has with individual community colleges about which classes can transfer to the university.

Since October, the UA has increased its agreements with Pima Community College from just under 29 to 146.

It is also working to set up agreements with the Maricopa County Community College District for next school year.