PHOTO: Christopher Conover, AZPM
GOP gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones joined by Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu at a Tucson town hall meeting on immigration the evening of Thursday, July 11, 2014.


Republican gubernatorial primary candidate Christine Jones says she wants to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the border, complete more of the border fence, and use more technology to detect illegal border crossers.

When it comes to the border, Arizona has to “take matters into our own hands," she added during a town hall meeting in Tucson Thursday evening.

Jones said she is not confident Congress or the White House will do what she thinks is needed to deal with the border.

“There’s not a whole (lot of) money sitting on the sidelines here. But as you know, we recently found $100 million to deal with CPS. When there is a critical need the Legislature will rally," she said.

Her plan will cost about $270 million, she explained.

Finding the money for the plan must be accomplished in the face of a projected $700 million shortfall in Arizona’s budget in two years.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is joining Jones at many of her immigration town hall meetings. He was a key advisor when Jones put together her border plan.