Republican Congressional District 2 candidate Martha McSally topped incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Ron Barber's fund raising by $95,000 in the last three months.

This marks the fourth quarter in a row, or one full year, in which McSally raised more than Barber.

McSally brought in $635,000 to Barber's $558,000. He still has more cash on hand for the election cycle, with about $1.5 million left to spend. McSally has about $1.1 million in her campaign account.

Barber's campaign sent a fund raising email in response to the latest numbers. It characterized his campaign as "dangerously behind" and asked people to give money to close the fund raising gap and purchase television advertising later in the election cycle.

McSally has far more money than her Republican primary opponents. Shelley Kais raised about $11,000 and has about $13,000 available going in to the final six weeks before the primary election. Chuck Wooten raised about $20,000 and has a little more than $3,000 left.

The newest update on fund raising was due Tuesday to the Federal Election Commission, and tracks spending in April, May and June.

Arizona's primary election is Aug. 26, and early voting begins July 31.

Here is a look at Barber's and McSally's fund raising figures for the last four fiscal quarters, arranged by the reporting date.

July 2014
McSally: $653,000
Barber: $558,000

April 2014
McSally: $441,105
Barber: $422,799

Jan. 2014
McSally: $322,585
Barber: $252,732

Oct. 2013
McSally: $394,880
Barber: $318,584