A Tucson small business is receiving an innovation research grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Hj3 Composite Technologies will receive $100,000 to develop a new product.

The company hopes to create a Teflon lining that can be applied to the inside of drinking water pipes, doubling a pipe’s lifespan at about 20 percent the cost of replacement.

Jim Butler, owner of Hj3, said repairing a pipe by lining is costly and difficult, but his company’s product could change that.

“Our technology allows them to increase the cost savings and the productivity so it becomes more of a large scale solution versus more of the small-scale emergency repair type solution," he said.

In the next year, Hj3 will be able to apply for another grant to further its work.

The EPA would then give the company as much as $300,000.

The federal government awards nearly $2.5 billion a year in Small Business Innovation Research grants.

The EPA is responsible for about $2 million of that.