Claudine LoMonaco looks into the background of Nicholas Corbett, a US border patrol agent currently standing trial for murder in the shooting death of an illegal immigrant.

What exactly is the process that a person goes through when they change their mind? Mark McLemore talks with U of A psychology professor Jeff Stone about cognitive dissonance, attitude, and persuasion and how they affect what we think about the world.

Every day, women see ads offering them money in exchange for their eggs, for use in fertility procedures. But is the process safe? Freelance producer Lilly Fowler brings us a profile of a Tucson woman, Jessica Grace Wing, who was a composer, a filmmaker, and an egg donor. Even today, those who knew her are still asking questions about her untimely death.

Jessica Grace Wing
Hands Off My Ovaries
National Center for BioEthics and Culture
Lilly Fowler
Arizona Onstage Productions of "LOST," in Tucson, Oct. 30 to Nov. 9, 2008

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