More than 162,000 early and provisional ballots remained to be counted in Arizona's primary election as of Wednesday afternoon, the Secretary of State's Office reported.

Most of those - 120,000 - were in Maricopa County. Pima County had 11,555.

One race, the Republican nomination in the 1st Congressional District, hangs in the balance pending the final vote count.

The uncounted ballots included more than 143,000 early votes that were turned in on Election Day Tuesday, and nearly 19,000 provisional ballots. A provisional ballot is one for which there is a discrepancy in name, signature or other issue that must be resolved before it is included in the tally.

The ballots were being counted at county elections offices throughout the state, with the results going to the state elections office for aggregation and final tabulation. The Secretary of State's Office must canvass and certify the election by Sept. 8.

For the 2012 general election, more than 600,000 ballots remained to be counted after Election Day, leaving the state's elections officials scrambling to meet the five-business-day deadline for completion.

See a list of vote tallies by county here: View at Google Docs | Download File

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