The recession has led to millions of layoffs, thousands of business shutting down and other economic problems, but some investors are bucking the trend and taking chances on new ventures.

Tony Paniagua visits two restaurants in Tucson where location and a vision for something fresh and different were part of the recipe for opening up shop. Daniel Scordato is a successful restaurateur in Tucson who has been wanting to open up an "artisan pizza" place in the city since the 1990's. He did so recently with Pizzeria Vivacethanks to a location that became available, and a nephew that was interested in working with Scordato.

The other establishment, Sur Real Latin American Cuisine, wants to set itself apart by its location, decor and menu. It opened at the corner of Skyline and Campbell a few months ago and the owners had to be quick when deciding on the lease since the ideal location was coveted by national franchise restaurants. We hear from Matt McKinnon, co-owner of Sur Real, who like Scordato, has been in the restaurant business for a long time in Tucson.