Experts estimate there are more than two-thousand homeless children in Pima County and they're worried the problem will only continue to increase as the recession results in additional layoffs, cutbacks and services.

The Giving Tree is a local organization that's trying to make a difference by providing food, shelters, training and other services.

Director Libby Wright says the faith-based non-profit group began providing food, clothing, housing and social services in 1988 and has grown quickly since the demand for services has risen drastically.

Yvonne Young is a house parent at Grace Home, one of the shelters for women and children. She stayed there after she became homeless with a child a few years ago and even though she was eventually able to leave, she ended up coming back and is now in charge of the house.

Crystal Hart is one of the women who works at the Giving Tree's thrift store on 22nd Street, which provides training and experience to employees. The organization's workers and volunteers are hoping more people join them in their efforts since each day poses new challenges with more residents who require services.