Story by Christopher Conover

Think about going home for the holidays and one of the things that so often comes to mind is the smell and taste of fresh, baked treats. But for those who can’t make it home those cookies and cakes can be just a memory, that is except those who are working at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. A group of volunteers organized what is known as the “Cookie Crunch”. The goal was to collect 740 dozen, homemade cookies for delivery to the men and women who live in the dorms on base. Any extras would then be handed out to those who have to work at the so-called 24-hour duty stations, and the Veterans Hospital.

Glenda Voyles was one of the volunteers. She said she decided to help out for a number of reasons; she wanted to thank the men and women in the Air Force for their service and her husband is deployed right now so she is hoping her good deed here will pass along so someone says thanks to her husband while he is away this holiday season. In the end, the Cookie Crunch volunteers collected more than enough cookies; the final tally was more than two thousand dozen.