Story by Christopher Conover

Forty-nine states, including Arizona, have a bicameral or two-house legislature. But what if one of those was abolished and the legislature became unicameral? If that sounds farfetched it isn’t. In fact, in the 1930’s Nebraska abolished its House of Representatives and went to a unicameral legislature, the only in the nation. Now, former state lawmaker Ted Downing wants to see Arizona go to a unicameral legislature. He also wants the new single body legislature to be non-partisan in the same way Arizona’s city and county governments are now required.

The unicameral legislature proposal is not without its backers. A proposal in the Arizona Legislature failed on a tie vote in a committee meeting but it did get the backing of an editorial in the Arizona Republic. Now Downing, who is running for state Senate, must decide what his next move is in order to push the unicameral, non-partisan legislature idea.

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