Story by Luis Carrion

Cele Peterson

Longtime local pioneering business woman, and civic leader Cele Peterson died Thursday. She was 101.

Peterson’s successful businesses revolved around fashion for women, but she was also known as a champion for many social causes, always willing to help those in need.

"Unfortunately, there are many people caught in traps, who need that help and by helping others you are only helping yourself," said Peterson in a 2006 interview with Arizona Public Media.

Peterson was also a tireless advocate for the unique cultural legacy of our region. When Cele Peterson came to Tucson Arizona the population topped out at 31,000. In her AZPM interview, Peterson expressed concern over the unprecedented growth of our region.

"It’s alright if they keep on building.. providing that they make room for what we have to give them… not to come here from other places and make it what they have there. We want it to be what we have here," she said.

Watch Cele Peterson 2006 Profile: