The Bucksbaum Family Lyric Opera Broadcasts continue on KUAT-FM this Saturday, June 5, at noon with a performance of Ernani by Giuseppe Verdi with libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, after Victor Hugo’s drama, Hernani. The opera will be sung in Italian and will run approximately three hours and fifteen minutes.

If you love rousing choruses that pulse with patriotism, full-blooded arias that pin you to the back of your seat, and big stars who create the kind of performance you never forget — then Ernani's a must-hear for you.

The Spanish king, a vindictive grandee, and Ernani — a nobleman forced to become an outlaw — are mortal enemies. Yet they're bound together by an ancient code of honor and they're all in love with the same woman.

Salvatore Licitra: "It's spooky how much he sounds like Pavarotti!" Opera News

Sondra Radvanovsky: "Her vocally-hot portrayals remind us that the true Verdian soprano is alive and well." La Stampa, Italy

Ernani: Salvatore Licitra
Elvira: Sondra Radvanovsky
Carlo: Boaz Daniel
Silva: Giacomo Prestia
Conductor: Renato Palumbo