The dramatic shift to the right in Arizona politics has resulted in what I believe will be a costly and damaging result for this state for many years to come. Senate Bill 1070, which requires police as part of any stop, detention, or arrest to run a check of peoples immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country Illegally, in my opinion, no enforcement of the new law can be applied without racial profiling.

It is impossible not to consider the color of one's skin and enforce the law. This affects over 35 percent of Arizona’s population. The idea that any Mexican-American citizen could be stopped and asked to produce any documentation not required for Anglo citizens is abhorrent and in many respects, racist.

This is a bad law. It separates American citizens by color and creates fear and apprehension between our citizens. This law will not deter illegal immigration. This law will not protect the border.

Senate bill 1070, followed by legislation to halt ethnic studies in Arizona can only be viewed as targeting people of color. If there is a racist thread that runs though these pieces of legislation - and I believe there is - those who have played on the fears and the prejudice of Arizonans should be held accountable. They should be exposed for the politically expedient politicians they are. They should be rejected at the polls and shunned by their fellow citizens.

Scapegoating a minority population during hard times has a history. It is one of shame and tragedy. We must not allow history to repeat itself.

We must see this demand for law and order as an alarm that warns us that bad law is not justice. And sacrificing freedom for some jeopardizes freedom for all.

John C. Scott