The numbers are chilling: There have been over 960 murders in Ciudad Juarez since Jan 1st of this year. In the past 27 months, some 5,300 people have been killed there. The city's murder rate is 200 people per 100,000.

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Memorials for murder victims in Juarez, Mexico

Memorials for murder victims in Juarez, Mexico

As statistics go, Juarez is the most violent city on earth. Tucson writer Charles Bowden, who's been covering border issues for three decades, turns his sights on Juarez in his new book Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and The Global Economy’s New Killing Fields.

Bowden says Juarez is at the epicenter of a new wave of violence in Mexico, fueled by politics, corruption and poverty. Bowden isn't afraid to share his opinions on the War on Drugs ("a failure") and some Arizona politicians ("they're lairs.") Bowden also reads from his new book.


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