A continuation of the story of last year’s attempted NASA Mars exploration, Phoenix Mars Mission: Onto the Ice documents the difficult journey towards a successful Mars landing, behind the scenes and through the eyes of the people responsible for the mission’s success. Join Smith and the entire Phoenix Mars Lander team for another insider’s look at mankind’s latest effort at landing on and exploring the Red Planet.

The solar powered mission, initially scheduled for 90 days, must make every day and every experiment count in the battle with the ever sinking sun. The teams must race to extract every bit of data before the Martian winter plunges temperatures to 100 degrees Celsius below zero and lower… And when the lander can no longer phone home and the end of the landed phase of the mission is declared, what will the Phoenix Mars Mission have discovered? And, once the Mars winter is over, will the team be able to resurrect the Mars lander yet again?

Onto the Ice