Kimberly Craft sits down with Suzy Bourque, a caregiver specialist from the Pima Council on Aging, and Jan Sturges, a caregiving coordinator at the University of Arizona's Life and Work Connections.

Fifty million individuals in the U.S. care for elderly, disabled or sick loved ones--over half a million in Arizona alone. While many caregivers find their responsibilities rewarding, the work of tending others can come with a steep cost: the caregiver's health. Jan Sturges, Caregiver Coordinator for the UA Life and Work Connections, and Suzy Bourque, a caregiver specialist at the Pima Council on Aging, talk about the difficulties of caring for loved ones and offer advice about coping with the stress.

The Tucson-based Family Caregiver Outreach Program has developed a manual for caregivers, called How To Be a Resilient Caregiver, that is available online. Click to read it. For more caregiving stories, visit our National Family Caregivers Month page.