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Joe Chavez, 8th grade AVID student at Challenger Middle School (left) and Donna Tapia-Twomey, 6th through 8th grade AVID teacher at Challenger Middle School (right)

In a typical classroom, individual attention tends to be focused on either "exceptional" or "failing" students.

AVID, which stands for Advancement via Individual Determination, is a program in the Sunnyside School District, that seeks to support those students who fall in between.

Underserved students, without a college graduate in their families, are asked to sign a yearly contract, committing themselves to the program, and participating in college prepatory classes and field trips.

On this week's Teachers' Voices, we'll hear from Donna Tapia-Twomey, a 6th thru 8th grade AVID teacher at Challenger Middle School, and Joe Chavez, one of her 8th grade AVID students.

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