On this week's Teachers' Voices, hear about OMA, the Opening Minds Through the Arts program, and learn how dance can inspire creativity and confidence.

_Wendy Joy Koltnow (left) and Thom Lewis (right), Movement Specialists with Opening Minds Through the Arts. _

Opening Minds Through the Arts, or OMA, is a student achievement program that integrates the arts into traditional subjects like math, science, or social studies.

It takes the arts one step further, by showing students, how creative thinking and self-expression can develop the problem solving skills they need to better understand their world.

On this week's Teachers' Voices, we'll hear from Wendy Joy Koltnow and Thom Lewis, two of OMA's Movement Specialists and members of the OMA Design Team.

They both have worked as professional dancers and now teach year-long dance classes at seven OMA schools.

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