When Jared Loughner allegedly opened fire on January 8th, his handgun had a 31-round magazine. Records indicate that Loughner bought the weapon and the high capacity magazine legally. Now, state Representative Steve Farley (D-28, Tucson) wants Arizona to ban those high capacity magazines.

Federal law banned the high capacity magazines until just a few years ago, so House Bill 2711 aims to limit magazines to only 10 bullets. Farley says he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but believes "reasonable" limits lie within the purview of that amendment.

And he is confident that his proposal would stand up to a court challenge. Farley says that the U.S. Supreme Court has long allowed reasonable restrictions on weapons.

Convincing the legislature to pass what some will see as restrictions to gun rights is a difficult proposition. Farley says he knows that but he is hoping members on both sides of the aisle will come together for a common sense solution.

State Senate President Russell Pearce (R) is a strong supporter of gun rights. He has not directly commented on Farley’s proposal, but told Arizona Public Media’s Michael Chihak last month that he does not want to do anything to restrict what he calls a person’s “God given” rights when it comes to gun ownership.

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