Gov. Jan Brewer is in final preparation of her economic development package, which she will present to the Arizona legislature possibly as early as Monday, her spokesman said today.

In a telephone interview, the governor's Director of Communications Matthew Benson declined to reveal details, but said the package would be "distinct" from current economic incentives under consideration in the Legislature, which include a package of bills aimed to cut business taxes.

Benson said it is possible that the governor will call a special legislative session to take up the package. Such a move is used to push through legislation that the governor considers urgent and doesn't want to get bogged down in the daily machinations of the legislature.

Brewer's package will include a set of business tax cuts, Benson said. Asked if they would be similar to what already is moving through legislative committees, he said, "There are a lot of bills that are nibbling around the edges of tax cuts that the governor is working on."

Bills in the legislature would reduce the corporate income, real estate and personal property taxes and eventually eliminate the state's taxation of products made in Arizona but sold elsewhere. All would be phased in over several years, eventually resulting in cuts that would total $475 million, or about 5.5 percent of the current state budget, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee has projected.

Legislative leaders have said they expect the governor's proposal to include business tax cuts, establishment of the Arizona Commerce Authority and a "deal-closing fund" to give businesses incentives to relocate to Arizona.