Photo: Image courtesy of Arizona State Parks

Hopi butterfly dancers at the re-opening celebration for Homolovi State Park.

Homolovi State Park has just re-opened following a one year closure due to budget cuts. It is a sacred place to the Hopi people, who are now financing the park through a special one-year contract. Mark Duggan takes a closer look at Homolovi's future as a state park, and at some of the archeological treasures that have been recovered there. His guide to some of these priceless artifacts is Arizona State Museum curator Chuck Adams.

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Photo: Mark Duggan

Arizona State Museum Archeology Curator Chuck Adams sizes up the museum's collection of Homolovi artifacts.


Photo: Mark Duggan

An example of pottery at the Arizona History Museum's collection of artifacts from Homolovi.


Photo: Mark Duggan

Chuck Adams inspects a cooking bowl from Homolovi.


Photo: Mark Duggan

Potsherds from Homolovi are placed in a tray for reconstruction.


Photo: Image courtesy of Arizona State Parks