pilot Doug Booher

Created from the same pool of material as the PBS series CARRIER, encoring on PBS Wednesdays, beginning June 18, ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE is an intimate, verité film about three men — pilot Doug Booher, Marine Randy Brock and ordnanceman Chris Altice — performing disparate but connected roles on the Nimitz, from flying F-18s to maintaining the aircraft to loading bombs. Going deeply into the personal lives of these individuals, this film portrays them dealing with life as fathers and soon-to-be fathers, while also confronting and questioning issues surrounding their work onboard ship and the role of the Navy in a time of war.

“ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE unfolds more like a fiction film,” says director Deborah Dickson, a three-time Academy Award nominee. “The style and form of this film are very different from CARRIER. The film focuses on three main individuals whose lives intersect on the flight deck as they go about their daily jobs. But what they don’t realize is that they share another bond: the difficulty of maintaining personal relationships half way across the world. They’re all facing common issues, difficulties and joys in an extraordinary environment, with their personal voyages taking place against the backdrop of the USS Nimitz.”

Watch it Wednesday, June 18th at 9:30 p.m. on KUAT6

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