PHOTO: Will Seberger
Sun-reddened smoke clouds line the horizon near the Wallow Fire.

Over 2,000 firefighters continue to battle Arizona's Wallow Fire, which at 389,000 acres now ranks as the second-largest fire in the state's history. At zero percent containment, the devastating blaze has become the nation's top firefighting priority.

The Wallow Fire has forced thousands from their homes in Greer, Nutrioso, Alpine, Eagar and other White Mountain communities. It has sent plumes of smoke as far afield as Kansas and Iowa, and has triggered air quality alerts for most of northwestern New Mexico.

It has also capped a month of blazes: the Horseshoe Two fire in the Chiricahua Mountains, now 50 percent contained, has been raging since early May, claiming 106,000 acres and injuring seven; the Murphy Complex Fire has burned more than 67,000 acres since May 30; and smaller fires, including the Arlene fire southeast of Sonoita, continue to dot the southern Arizona landscape.

In this special Arizona Illustrated segment, AZPM reporter Christopher Conover shares the latest on Arizona's fires and the prospects for containing them. Click to watch the video update:

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