Now that Arizona’s largest wildfires are at or near containment, the work begins to assess the burnt landscape, begin restoration efforts and prevent future wildfires and flooding. Two special teams have arrived in the Coronado National Forest, each specializing in post-fire efforts.


Photo: Mark Duggan

Information about BAER at a recent Coronado National Forest press conference.

The National Wildland Fire Prevention Team focuses on public awareness work, including creating defensible space around structures. And the Burned Area Response Team. BAER visits burn sites and uses a variety of data to create recovery plans.

Reporter Mark Duggan talked to Bob Valen of the National Wildland Fire Prevention Team and BAER co-team leader Marc Stamer about their work:

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Photo: Mark Duggan

BAER team member Mike Johnson points out burn areas on a map of the Horseshoe Two Fire.


Photo: Mark Duggan

BAER co-team leader Marc Stamer talks about his work.


Photo: Mark Duggan

Almost 1 million acres of Arizona timberland has burned this year.

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