Shopping for your produce at the grocery store may seem convenient, but what if you could "subscribe" to a local farm and receive a variety of different produce?

Tucson Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, allows just that.

"The idea behind it is that it is subscription farming essentially. So you pay money ahead of time to the farmer, which gives the farmer operating capital. With that he has a guaranteed community that shares the produce," CSA volunteer Lori Adkison says.

But the idea of subscribing to a CSA is not a new one. Adkison says it became popular in Japan in the 1980s. In Tucson, it has grown to almost 500 participants in the past few years.

Along with getting fresh produce, and supporting your local farmers, buying through CSA allows its members a chance to try some new fruits and vegetables and create new recipes.

"It's not a meat and potatoes sort of a program. Some weeks we'll have some things that come in that people have never had before," CSA volunteer Howard Fredericks says.