Scientist Brooke Gebow studies fires for the Nature Conservancy.

Nature Conservancy Preserve Manager Brooked Gebow says that while many people are thankful that the recent Monument Fire stayed just outside of Ramsey Canyon - a preserve since 1975 - fireless woodlands aren't necessarily a good thing.

Although Gebow is relieved that the fire didn't affect Ramsey Canyon, she acknowledges that fires are a natural part of woodlands and forest in Arizona.

According to Gebow, some of the effort communities have put into keeping wildfires under control may have had the reverse effect.

"We stopped having fires almost 100 years ago, and it was mostly human activity that made that happen," she says. "We started to suppress fires, but we were logging, we were grazing, and taking away finite fuels, and suddenly we found ourselves with overstocked woods, so when they burned, they burned quite spectacularly."