Democratic candidate for Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild has $144,463.90 in his campaign war chest.

The other candidates running for Mayor and the three city council seats have a combined cash-on-hand total of $134,425.38. Rothschild was also the leader in fundraising this last reporting period, bringing in $42,411.

Republican candidate for Mayor Rick Grinnell has $5,886.02 in the bank and raised $4,590 during the last reporting period. Green candidate Mary DeCamp has $1,808.21 on hand and brought in $716.25 in contributions. DeCamp told Arizona Public Media that she is close to meeting the threshold for receiving matching funds from the city.

In the Ward 1 race, incumbent Regina Romero has $17,866.69 on hand and raised $425 during the last reporting period.

She wrote a $2,000 check to the Pima County Democratic Party for get out the vote efforts. Mayoral candidate Jonathan Rothschild wrote an identical check to the party for the same reason. Romero’s Green Party opponent, Beryl Baker has $363 and raised no new money.

In the Ward 2 race, Republican Jennifer Rawson has $13,013.19 on hand and is waiting to see if an audit will clear her to receive city matching funds for the race.

Democrat Paul Cunningham has $28,266.10 in the bank and has already received his matching funds.

In Ward 4, Democrat Shirley Scott has $54,198.98 in her campaign account. She raised $2,761 and picked up $3,485 in matching funds. Her opponent, Republican Tyler Vogt has a little more than $13,000 in the bank and received $13,134 in matching funds during this reporting period.

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