Kitt Bret Harte (middle) the curriculum specialist and Rev. Ann Sawyer (right) the co-founder and headmaster, both from Imago Dei Middle School talk about the tuition-free middle school for the children of low-income families in the Tucson area.

Arizona's school dropout rates have seen some improvement over the last decade, yet many students are statistically at risk of dropping out of school before they complete their education.

Atop the list are children from low-income families.

A school in Tucson offers an alternative. In its mission statement, Imago Dei Middle School calls itself "a school that never gives up on a child". Imago Dei offers an independent, tuition-free middle school for children of low-income families from across Tucson.

The Rev. Ann Sawyer, co-founder and head of Imago Dei Middle School, and curriculum specialist Kitt Bret Harte join Arizona Illustrated to talk about the concepts that define Imago Dei's alternative approach to education.