Fuzia Taher Elkekli (left), a geographer and mother of Libyan resistance fighter, and Khaled Hadeli, M.D., a Libyan medical relief coordinator, discuss their country's revolution.

The events of the Arab Spring and most recently the overthrow of the Moamar Gaddafi regime in Libya have riveted Americans. But for most of us, it was just images on the TV., and we had no real connection to what was going on in North Africa.

Members of Tucson's Libyan community have taken a keen interest, including one who traveled to his homeland and another with plans to help rebuild the country.

Khaled Hadeli, M.D., graduated from medical school in Tripoli in 1991 and is now a practicing physician in Tucson. He helped raise money for the revolution in Libya and when he went to see how those donations were being spent, he ended up setting up a frontline MASH unit. He is now the Libyan medical relief coordinator in the United States.

Fuzia Elkleki is a former university professor and department head in Tripoli. Now she is with the University of Arizona’s School of Geography and Regional Development. In the coming months and years she will help reconstruct the Geography department in Libya. One of her sons was also a freedom fighter.

Both will speak at the Eller College Tuesday at 7 p.m. about their experiences and update the news from Libya. They also will provide an overview of their vision for the future of their homeland.