The Arizona Supreme Court Wednesday denied Gov. Jan Brewer’s request to stay the reinstatement of the chair of the Independent Redistricting Commission. The court's order was released at the close of business Wednesday.

Remaining to be considered by the court is Brewer's request for more details on on its ruling. In other words, she asked why the court ruled to reinstate Chairwoman Colleen Mathis, a Tucson independent.

At issue in Mathis’ removal is the letter that Brewer sent notifying Mathis of her alleged violations of the law and the Arizona constitution.

The Supreme Court clarified that the format of the letter was not the problem. Instead the court said in its latest order that the governor did not make the case that Mathis showed gross misconduct.

Brewer asked the state Senate to remove Mathis for "gross misconduct" and negligence in application of the constitution and for violating the state Open Meeting Law. The Senate voted 21-6 for removal.

Mathis and the commission's lawyer asked for reinstatement, and the court did so last week. Brewer this Monday filed her request for more information and for a stay of the reinstatement order.

With the reinstatement upheld, Mathis is expected to resume calling the commission into session next week so it can finalize the state's congressional and legislative district maps.