Broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera continue on Classical 90.5 at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday, April 28th, with a performance of Die Walküre by Richard Wagner, with text in German by the composer, after ancient Nordic epics. The performance will run approximately five hours and twenty-five minutes.

In this portion of Wagner's epic Ring cycle, Wotan, king of the gods, hopes that his mortal son Siegmund might help him regain the ring. But Siegmund's adulterous and incestuous love for his twin sister Sieglinde infuriates Fricka, goddess of marriage. Brünnhilde (the Valkyrie of the opera's title, one of Wotan's divine warrior maiden daughters) attempts to protect Siegmund, but her bold disobedience leads to a terrible punishment.

Katarina Dalayman sings Brünnhilde in this installment of Robert Lepage's new production of the Ring cycle, conducted by James Levine. The remarkable cast includes Bryn Terfel as Wotan, Jonas Kaufmann and Eva- Maria Westbroek as Sigmund and Sieglinde, and Stephanie Blythe as Fricka. "The Ring is one of those works of art that you think you know, " Levine says, "but every time you return to it, you find all kinds of brilliant moments that hadn't struck you with the same force before."

Brünnhilde: Katarina Dalayman
Sieglinde: Eva-Maria Westbroek
Fricka: Stephanie Blythe
Siegmund: Frank van Aken
Wotan: Bryn Terfel
Hunding: Hans-Peter König
Conductor: James Levine