Founder of what has become Arizona's biggest community supported farmer's market Annie Duncan, takes us a tour of the market in Green Valley that doesn't just have vegetables, fruits, bread, herbs, live music, and crafts, but also has a friendly atmosphere.

Organizers and merchants say farmers markets add value to communities, and provide income for a broad assortment of residents.

Annie Duncan, organizer of the Green Valley Farmers Market, says this once-a-week event is arguably the largest of its kind in Arizona with more than 150 vendors.

“Three years ago, in ’08, we started with 25 vendors,” Duncan says as she walks through the crowded stands. “I’ve never publicized it. It’s just been one vendor telling another vendor ‘you need to be at the Green Valley Mall on Wednesdays.’”

“When you buy from someone that creates local, the money goes into their pocket and it’s (what) they use to pay their mortgage, their phone bill, keep the lights on in their house, put gas in the car, and it’s a direct infusion into the economy.”

Duncan says the market helps farmers stay in business and preserve natural resources.

Annie Duncan is the Brainchild behind what has become, arguably, Arizona\\u0027s largest community supported farmer\\u0027s market. She says this Wednesday market has succeeded in spite of the economic downturn because it has tapped into a vital component of the community. Resourceful entrepreneurs, along with residents from the surrounding community have made this weekly event a destination not to be missed. Annie: \\u0022What\\u0019s all this buzz about the Green Valley Farmers Market? Maybe it\\u0019s because here you will not only find great veggies, fruit, bread, jams, honey, herbs, lotions, live music, food, crafts, and much much more, but you\\u0019ll also experience the friendly atmosphere of community camaraderie. Join us at the Green Valley Market in Arizona.\\u0022\\u000D\\u000A