PHOTO: azpm
Francis LaSala, environmental manager for the City of Tucson, discusses the newest additions to the list of acceptable recyclables.

Most plastics will be accepted by the city of Tucson's recycling program beginning in July, city officials say.

The Do More Blue campaign is a breakthrough that means less stress on landfills and more items turned back into useful products.

"Starting July 1 of this year, you will be able to recycle basically all of your plastic containers," says Fran LaSala, the city's environmental manager.

Two significant items still won't be on the list: styrofoam and plastic bags.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, recycling also is a source of income for the city, which gets a percentage of recycling sales.

LaSala says that with the use of technology and websites such as Know Where to Throw, there is no longer an excuse for not recycling.

"It's good for the environment, it does creates jobs, there are jobs being created in recycling all the time, it stimulates the economy, it reduces dependency on foreign oil, and reduces green house gas," Lasala says. "So everything we have been trying to do as a nation we're doing and all you have to do is recycle."