It takes a lot of planning to prepare for a big public event like a music festival. The organizers behind the start-up Tucson Desert Song Festival are hoping that their planning will pay off in February 2013 -- not only in a successful series of classical voice concerts, but also in bringing a much-needed economic boost to Tucson.

The festival's president, Jack Forsythe, is a self-described lover of classical voice and opera. He says that any inaugural festival faces a tough challenge in assembling its audience, but the Desert Song Festival will be starting strong by capitalizing on already-established concert events.

The festival's vice-president, Cecile Follansbee, describes the celebration's unique set-up. The festival will feature a range of already planned performances from several of Tucson's leading arts presenters, but will also bring both rising and established singing stars to Tucson, where they will perform for and teach master classes to Desert Song Festival attendees.

The first Tucson Desert Song Festival is scheduled for February 8-17, 2013.