PHOTO: Mark Duggan
Kino Stadium in Tucson will feature three Major League Baseball Spring Training games this month.

Tucson will host three Major League Baseball Spring Training games in March, although teams are no longer based in the Old Pueblo.

The added games are to show support for the region's fans, baseball officials say. The Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies all called Tucson home for Spring Training in March, but all departed for newer stadiums in the Phoenix area in recent years.

With so many baseball fans in Tucson, it's worth it to bring six teams to play two games in Tucson March 16, 18 and 23, says Mike Feder, general manager of the minor league Tucson Padres.

"We understand the importance of not letting Spring Training disappear, keeping it in the mind of Major League Baseball, so for the last two, three months, we’ve been working on bringing some games in," Feder says.

Although there are five other teams involved in the game, the Padres staff is putting on the games because it already has the infrastructure in place for ticket sales, Feder says.

Information on the games is available on the Tucson Padres' Website.