As part of Arizona's centennial festivities, the Pima County Public Library recently launched “Reading Arizona: The Literary Landscape,” focusing on books written about the state.

PHOTO: Robert Rappaport
"Reading Arizona: The Literacy Landscape" plots 100 top book about Arizona on an interactive map.

“When you get to the (interactive) map, you’re going to see book icons of all different colors and the different colors mean different types of books,” says Virtual Library Manager Jen Maney, who helped coordinate development of the website. “One could be fiction, one could be non-fiction and then we have children’s titles on the maps as well.”

The site lists 100 books about Arizona.

Clicking on an icon leads to a pop-up showing an excerpt from the publication and which libraries own a copy, Maney says.

Libraries from across the state were asked to nominate the books that appear on the map.

The Arizona State Library also is a partner in the site.