Arizona residents who are undergraduate students at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University won't pay higher tuition in the fall, the Arizona Board of Regents decided Thursday.

Meeting in Tucson, the regents unanimously accepted university presidents' recommendations. However, not increasing tuition for some students will not be easy on the university, says UA President Eugene Sander.

“This plan is going to be very tight for us,” Sander says. But if there was ever a time to give undergraduate students a break, this is it, he says. Funds from Proposition 100 will not be available in 2013, and state budget negotiations continue.

Non-resident undergraduate students, and all graduate students at UA will see a 3 percent increase in tuition next fall.

ASU’s tuition changes look will be similar to the UA. Undergraduate residents will pay the same tuition as the 2011-2012 academic year, and all other students will see a 3percent increase.

NAU’s tuition rate is more complex because of a pledge plan that allows students to pay a set tuition rate for four years. Incoming in-state undergraduate students will see a 5 percent increase in tuition, and non-resident undergraduates’ tuition will increase by 2 percent. In-state graduate students will pay 5 percent more next fall, and out-of-state graduate students will pay 3 percent more.

The tuition hikes statewide are expected to bring in about $15 million more in enrollment next academic year.

That means $9,720 at Arizona State University, $10,035 at the University of Arizona and $8,824 for Northern Arizona University in-state students who have already been enrolled in "tuition pledge." Newly enrolled NAU freshmen from Arizona will pay $9,271 .

Non-resident undergraduate students at ASU will pay $22,973, at UA $26,231 and at NAU $18,801.