Although the Pima County Genealogy Society is still a relatively new organization, turning one in July, they have already done a vast amount of work, especially when it comes to the 1940 Census Project.

The census information is released only every 72 years. That means the release of the 1940 census comes at a time when many people know at least one person included in the census, whether it be a parent, grandparent or an aunt or uncle.

"With this particular census ... everybody knows somebody who was in that census," says Sherri Hessick, 1940 Census Project administrator for the Genealogy Society.

In addition to the release of the 1940 census, the society, which is completely volunteer-based, works with those interested in their family history to teach them new techniques for researching and provide an extra pair of eyes when looking through what can be very lengthy documents.

"I was trying to find some records and I couldn't find the records because I was so narrow-minded in my search I couldn't see outside of my search window," says Amy Urman, Pima County Genealogy Society founder. "It's not only ... a social aspect of talking with people and talking over a problem, but it's also the educational part where every time you show up at a meeting or meet with us you learn something new."