The 2012 Arizona Police and Fire Games will take place Wednesday, April 11th through Saturday, April 14th.

The annual event, now in its 33rd year, hosts Olympic-style games for both police officers and firefighters in Arizona, and even attracts participants from elsewhere in the Southwest.

"Our purpose is dual-fold: we give back to public safety officials--so firefighters, cops, military personal--in the fact that we hold these Olympic-style games for them," says David Fernandez, president of Arizona Police and Fire Games, in an Arizona Illustrated interview. "The second part of our mission is to give back to the community that we serve, so basically kids in need here in the Tucson area."

The events, which are hosted by Viscount Suites at 4855 E. Broadway, will take place at different locations around town. (See the complete list of events and locations here.)

All are free of charge, except the boxing competition, which requires a $5 fee.

"The public can actually see a variety of events--we have softball, flag football, soccer, crossfit, power lifting, almost any event you can think of," says Randie Fernandez, the secretary and treasurer of the Arizona Police and Fire Games and a former competitor.