About 28 percent of eligible voters in Congressional District 8 weighed in on this week’s primary to select a Republican candidate who will face a Democrat and Green in the June general election.

The highest percentage of turnout in Tuesday’s primary election was in Pinal County, where Saddlebrook voters live in Congressional District 8. There, 43 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election.

The lowest turnout was in Cochise County, which is entirely in CD8, where 20 percent of the voters weighed in on who they wanted to see win the primary.

The timing of votes cast also played a role in how well each candidate did in the race.

Jesse Kelly won the primary with 36 percent of all the votes cast, but he had a higher percentage of support among voters who turned in early ballots.

Martha McSally won among voters who went to polling places Tuesday, and among that same group, Frank Antenori placed second.

The trend of voters' opinions shifting between early balloting — which begins weeks before election day — and those who voted on election day is one Jesse Kelly pointed out in 2010. That year, he lost to Gabrielle Giffords in overall votes, but won among election-day voters.

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