Arts and culture, food, fashion, fun -- and it's all free at Southern Arizona's annual Fusion Fest Saturday and Sunday in Tucson.

Pima Community College's Northwest Campus, at 7600 N. Shannon Road, will be the scene for Fusion Fest, hosted by the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance.

"Fusion Fest is what it's called," says Jonas Hunter, the alliance's special events coordinator. "It's a great word, because it does fuse all of the different cultures of the community. And that's mainly our goal."

Weekend offerings will include literary arts, fashion arts, culinary arts, music and dance performances from all over the world, Hunter says.

"Tucson is a hybrid community. It always has been," he says. "People moving from Minnesota, New England, you name it. But people are here from other countries as well. There's a huge African population, huge Asian population. ... We want to expose them, give them the platform to show what their heritage is, what their traditions are."