Isabel Celis was reported missing from her Tucson home April 21, when her father, Sergio Celis, told police he woke up to find her bedroom empty. Police on Monday released recordings of 911 calls from that morning in which three family members spoke.

A neighbor placed a call and handed it to the girl’s 14-year-old brother, who was looking for her in the neighborhood. He said his little sister had gone missing. Rebecca, Isabel's mother, was emotional when she took the phone from her teenage son after she arrived home from work.

Sergio Celis also called 911 and said he wanted to report a missing person.

Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor said Monday that Arizona Child Protective Services is not allowing the girl's father to have contact with his two other children, who are staying with their mother.

“It wasn’t a matter of the father staying away from the children," Villaseñor said. "It was after information that was developed, they (CPS officers) came out, consulted with our detectives and the family, and based on that, they entered into a voluntary agreement for the father to stay away from the children at this point."

A dozen detectives were investigating whether a stranger abducted the 6-year-old girl, and four detectives were investigating whether the family was involved in her disappearance, Villaseñor said.

To hear the 911 calls go to Tucson Police Department's YouTube channel.