Weave your way through the tangle of Arizona astronomy acronyms with this glossary:

ARO - Arizona Radio Observatory
AURA - Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
CCD - Charge-coupled device
CTIO - Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
DCT - Discovery Channel Telescope

ETC - Explosive Transient Camera
FASTT - Flagstaff Astrometric Scanning Transit Telescope
FLWO - Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory
GMT - Giant Magellan Telescope
HAT - Hungarian Automated Telescopes

KPNO - Kitt Peak National Observatory
LBT - Large Binocular Telescope
LPL - Lunar & Planetary Labs
LSST - Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
MagAO - Magellan Adaptive Optics
MDM - University of Michigan, Dartmouth, Columbia, Ohio St. & University of Ohio

MMT - Multiple Mirror Telescope
NOAO - National Optical Astronomy Observatory
NOFS - Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station
NOI - Navy Optical Interferometer
NRAO - National Radio Astronomy Observatory

NSF - National Science Foundation
NSSC - NOAO System Science Center
NURO - National Undergraduate Research Observatory
RCT - Robotically Controlled Telescope
SARA - Southeast Association for Research in Astronomy

SMT - Sub-Millimeter Telescope
SOLIS - Synoptic Optical Long-Term Investigating Sun Telescope
SOML - Steward Observatory Mirror Labs
TAAA - Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
USNO - US Naval Observatory

VATT - Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope
VERITAS - Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System
VLA - Very Large Array
VLBA - Very Long Baseline Array
WIYN - Wisconsin, Indiana, Yale, NOAO

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