General Astronomy:
Astronomy Camp
NASA's Central Operation of Resources for Educators
NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs page
NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs Education page
NASA's Space Place
Night Sky Network at Jet Propulsion Labs
Space Daily
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Tucson Clear Sky Chart

American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Arizona State University Astronomy Club
Astronomical League
East Valley Astronomy Club
International Dark Sky Association
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
NOAO's Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
National Science Foundation
Phoenix Astronomical Society
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
University of Arizona Astronomy Club

Area Observatories, Telescopes and Astronomical Facilities (Arizona, California, New Mexico, west Texas):

Apache Point Observatory
Arizona Radio Observatory
BigBOSS Project
Bok Telescope
Discovery Channel Telescope
Catalina Sky Survey
Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

HATNet Hungarian Automated Telescopes
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Large Binocular Telescope
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Lowell Observatory
Magellan Adaptive Optics
Mayall Telescope
McDonald Observatory/Hobby-Eberly Telescope

McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope
MEARTH Astronomical Survey Project
MMT Observatory
Mt. Graham International Observatory
Mt. Lemmon Sky Center
Mt. Hamilton Observatory/Shane Telescope
Mt. Wilson Observatory/Hooker Telescope

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
National Solar Observatory
National Undergraduate Research Observatory
Navy Optical Interferometer
Owens Valley Radio Observatory
Palomar Observatory/Hale Telescope
Starfire Optical Range

Steward Observatory
Steward Observatory Mirror Labs
Steward Observatory's Kuiper Telescope on Mt. Bigelow
Steward Observatory's Public lecture series
U.S. Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station
Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope
Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System
Very Large Array
WIYN Telescope

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