Gregory Schneider graduated from the University of Arizona College of Law earlier this month, but he may not consider that his most exciting moment of the year.

That moment is yet to come, but immediately preceding it was Schneider's victory in the Seattle Space Needle's Space Race 2012 last month.

The prize: Schneider will be blasted into "outer space" -- 62 miles up -- in the near future.

The former waiter and now father of two children won the prize by, among other tasks, running the "halo" circumference of the Space Needle while answering space trivia questions, climbing to the top of the Space Needle's tower, 605 feet off the ground and walking in a wind tunnel blowing gusts of 100 mph.

Schneider says he and 50,000 other people entered the competition last year, and he was among five finalists invited to Seattle as part of the city's 50th anniversary celebration of the Space Needle.

"I was definitely there to win, and I think you learn a lot about yourself when you push yourself like that," Schneider says of the grueling exercise. "I learned that I have a lot more strength and courage than I thought I had."