Hear the entire interview with Arjun Dey on the BigBOSS project. If approved, BigBOSS will create a map of about one-quarter of the sky, going back to when the universe was 8 billion years old.

BigBOSS will use new instrumentation installed at a historic telescope, the 4-meter Mayall Telescope on Kitt Peak. The Mayall is housed in the prominent dome-shaped structure that can be seen on the summit of Kitt Peak for miles around.

PHOTO: Mark Duggan
The Mayall Telescope will be retro-fitted with a new instrument for the BigBOSS project.

Dey tells reporter Mark Duggan that BigBOSS could fill in a lot of the blank spots in our sky maps.

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Read the proposal to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory for BigBOSS, dated October, 2010:

BigBOSS_NOAO_public: View at Google Docs | Download File