The official start of summer isn’t here yet but Tucson is already passing the 100-degree weather mark and city officials want people to take advantage of the six additional pools open this summer.

Last year out of the City of Tucson’s 27 public pools, only 10 were open during the summer months because of budgetary reasons, says John Sefton, deputy director of Tucson Parks and Recreation. This summer there will be 16 pools open.

“The Tucson Summer Splash Pools would not have been opened if it weren’t for the public-private partnership that we have in place, and the sponsors we have,” Sefton says.

The Tucson Police Department sponsored 4,800 swimming lessons this summer which will cost $2, Sefton says.

The six pools opening today are: - Jacobs Pool, 1020 W. Lind St. -Menlo Pool, 110 W. Fresno St. -Palo Verde Pool, 300 S. Mann Ave. -Mansfield Pool, 2000 N. Fourth Ave. -Himmel Pool, 100 N. Tucson Blvd.

General admission is $2 for adults and $1 for children. Click here more information.