By The Associated Press

A pipeline break in Grand Canyon National Park has closed a one-mile section of the North Kaibab Trail.

The line broke Thursday about a half-mile above the Cottonwood Campground and caused a 45-foot section of the trail to fail.

The U.S. Park Service reported on its Grand Canyon website that hikers should be prepared to access and treat or filter creek water below Supai Tunnel and above Phantom Ranch on the North Kaibab Trail.

"Potable water is currently not available at Roaring Springs or Cottonwood Campground on the North Kaibab Trail," the Park Service report said. "Potable water is available on the North and South Rims, at locations along the Bright Angel Trail at Phantom Ranch, and at Supai Tunnel on the North Kaibab Trail."

The pipeline is expected to be repaired sometime early next week.