A Tucson women’s clinic is the target of a video campaign questioning enforcement of Arizona abortion laws.

A group called Live Action says it made undercover videos of a woman in Arizona trying to get an abortion because she thinks she’s carrying a baby girl, which violates an Arizona law preventing abortions based on the sex of a child.

The group describes itself as a youth-led movement, which aims to end abortion.

In the video taken at a Tucson clinic, a woman tells a clinic attendant she wants to terminate her pregnancy. She asks how long it will take to get pregnant again, saying she doesn’t want a second daughter.

The attendant says it’s illegal to do an abortion based on the child’s sex, and points out that the patient will have to sign documents saying that’s not the reason for an abortion or the procedure can’t be done because the clinic could lose its license.

In the video, a discussion ensues in which the attendant tells the patient not to mention her reason to the doctor.

Representatives from the Tucson clinic featured in the video did not return calls for comment. A similar interaction is shown in a video taken at a Phoenix women’s clinic, with the same woman who appears in the Tucson clinic video.

Live Action says in a press release that it made the videos. It further says that the illegal policies it claims are being carried out at the clinics shown in the videos are dictated by officials of Planned Parenthood. Neither of the two Arizona clinics shown are Planned Parenthood clinics.

The videos and the press release don't indicate whether the woman got an abortion after the initial appointments shown in the videos.

Live Action also made videos about abortions based on the baby's sex in New York and Texas.